Install Android Studio

Now that you have installed Java in your computer system and all the prerequisite environment is ready. Let's install Android Studio the IDE for developing Android based apps. Android Studio is built over IntelliJ a product JetBrains.

To download the Android Studio just log on to developer website of Android and navigate to develop option and look for Android Studio. Depending on your operating system the website will smartly show the respective Android Studio download option.

Click on the Download button of the current version of Android Studio and accept the license agreement and proceed with the download process.

Installation on MacOS:

Once you have downloaded the dmg file, double click on file to start the installation process.
Drag the Android Studio icon to Applications shortcut icon; Application window will open and drop the Android Studio over there. It will copy Android Studio in Applications folder.

Now double click on Android Studio icon in the Applications folder and click on the Open button from the pop-up box. Click Next on welcome screen of Android Studio installation wizard.

Leave the installation type to Standard and click Next. It will install all required tools like the emulator, SDKs, repositories, HAXM (in case of intel processor based machines). Verify these and click Finish.

install android studio macOS

The installation wizard will download all the options it showed in Verify setting page. This download process may take some depending on your internet speed. Once the downloading, unzipping and installation Finishes, it shows the summary of the process. Click Finish button.

Congratulation, Android studio has been installed successfully on your macOS operating System.

Install on Windows

To start the installation of Android Studio in Windows double click on the downloaded executable file. This will load the setup and show you a Welcome screen of the setup wizard, click Next.

Then it will ask you choose the components you want to install which includes Android Studio, Android SDK, and virtual devices, leave all things to default and click Next.

Accept the license agreement by clicking the "I Agree" button.

Choose the location for storage of the installation files and SDK files. Click Next to proceed.

Choose Start Menu folder Name and click Install.

This will download all SDK files and other required files. This process may take some time depending upon your internet speed and computer performance.

Once Installation is completed, click Next.

If you are a Linux user, then I am sure you can figure out how to install Android Studio on Linux, the installation process is almost same except the sequence of steps may differ. After installation let's move further and explore the Android Studio IDE, we are going to use for learning and developing apps for Android.