Since you have decided to learn the development of mobile application for Android Operating, I am sure you must be aware of what Android is and what is meant for. The mobile operating system Android is based on LINUX and is an open source operating system. Today it has launched a new version named OREO.


To start learning to write, you must be aware of basic programming concepts, e.g. how a loop works, what is an 'if' statement, how to declare variables and assign a value to them and their scope. You need not be a master of any programming language, but a fundamental knowledge of programming will help you learn this mobile app development for Android and boost the speed of learning.

Tools for Development

There are certain ways in which you can write code for developing application supported by the Android operating system. We are going to use JAVA as the programming language, Android Studio 2.3.3 for IDE. We will use emulator provided by Android Studio for testing the applications; we are going to develop. You are free to choose the operating system for running the development. The source code of demo applications and images or icons used are available on GitHub; you may download it for references.

What you'll get from this course

By the end of this course, you will be able to build your own professional grade android application. You will learn from basic Hello World application to multithreaded, multi-tier application which will communicate with a remote server, store data locally and remotely, get location data of its users, play with multimedia. In a nutshell, you will gain adequate knowledge of android application development and may start your own business of application development.

Let's get started Android Progamming and prepare the environment for this process.