Install Ubuntu 16.04

To install Ubuntu, you need to download the installation media from the Ubuntu website. Depending on your hardware availability you can download the Ubuntu release. If you do not have any additional computer system, then you can install it in a virtual machine. For emulators, you can use Oracle VirtualBox or VMWare Player.

Once you are ready with downloaded bootable media and computer system (physical or virtual), boot the system with the bootable media of Ubuntu. Give it some time to initialize, once the system is ready, it will ask you Install or Try Ubuntu.

Try Ubuntu or Install Ubuntu

Select Install Ubuntu, and proceed. If you have a good internet connection, select the checkbox to Download updates while Installing Ubuntu and Install third party tools. Proceed to next step by clicking Continue button.

Download Updates | Installation of Ubuntu

The installation process will ask you to choose the disk where you want to install, if you have a new hard disk or the hard drive has no data or data of no use, select Erase All radio button and click Continue to proceed.

Erase All Data | Installation of Ubuntu

If you selected anything which will erase data, the system will give you a warning and also show the default partitions which are root ‘/’ file system and swap filesystem, click continue to proceed to next step.

Default cum mandatory File System Of Linux | Installation of Ubuntu

In next screen system will ask you to select the keyboard, if you are aware of your keyboard type choose the one you have. If you are not aware of keyboard type, Ubuntu installer gives you the option to detect your keyboard type.

Select Keyboard Type | Installation of Ubuntu

With the enhancement of technology, a computer system should have synchronized time and time zone. So select your time zone from the screen you are on.

Select Time Zone | Installation of Ubuntu

To login into your newly installed you need to have a user, in this screen type the user details. If you are the only user of this system, you may select Log In Automatically otherwise you should leave it to default and continue to the installation process.

Fill User Details | Installation of Ubuntu

Depending on your internet speed and availability Ubuntu will take some time in installation. You can view the current status of installation throughout the installation process.

Installing Ubuntu

Once Ubuntu is finished the installation process, it will ask you to restart the computer system.

Restart Ubuntu | Installation of Ubuntu

If you have selected to Log in automatically, after reboot Ubuntu will show you the Desktop screen of the user you have created.

Home Screen of User | Installation of Ubuntu

If you have left the login to default, it will stop at the login screen and ask you key-in the password of the user.